Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service

Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service

Popular Live Streaming Services

This guide is as assessment of all legit online TV streaming services that work as alternatives to cable or dish TV. During our quest to find the Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service we took into account channel availability, pricing & features like regional sports availability, premium sports channels & more when comparing a whole gamut of live TV streaming services. This article consists of an unbiased study comparing the streaming cable TV alternatives within these parameters. Before we dive into the details I wanted to give you our recommendations. Obviously most of you would automatically gravitate towards the most popular alternatives in the online TV streaming industry, namely: DIRECTV Now, FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Philo, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.  While we have nothing against these services we find that almost all of them have similar demerits & actually none of them quality to carry the tag of Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service.

A few demerits of Popular Live Streaming Services: –

  • All of them are more expensive than what they should be
  • All of them impose restrictions on number of devices
  • All of them have country-wise restrictions
  • None of them cover all the Sports channels and/or Live events
  • None of them allow users to choose from a wide variety of subscription plans
  • None of them offer an unconditional 100% refund

Yes, it is exactly as shocking as it sounds! In fact, it was a real eye opener for us as well. It was our intention to compare the above mentioned “so called leading services” and to grade them in order of the best to worst. However, when the similarities in their shortcomings became visible we decided to dig even deeper. We found that all of these companies have got huge budgets for ad campaigns and they are fighting with each other for the top spot. This is perhaps the main reason why their costing is high, and they have no other option but to pass it on to the consumers.

This led us to dig deeper and to find an alternative and what could truly be called the Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service. We found one company who has been providing a far better TV streaming service since years. They don’t advertise and have been growing only by providing a totally satisfying service. The recommendations and word of mouth of their existing subscribers is what they thrive on. What we found is that they are not only much more competitive that any of the “popular service providers” but they also provide many more channels. We couldn’t believe it when we bought a trial plan of their service. The service provider we are talking about goes by the name Satellite Direct TV. They have been providing this service since over a decade.

Why is Satellite Direct the Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service

SatelliteDirect™’s uses it’s very own proprietary technology to tap into more than 3,500 TV channels worldwide using the power of the Internet. You get access to more channels than your cable, or Dish TV or any of the popular alternatives combined for the fraction of the cost than what any of them can offer!

Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service

You don’t need to invest in a satellite dish, or a receiver or any other equipment to use this software. All you that is required is a computer, smartphone or tablet. You can even connect any of these devices directly to your TV set – using cat 5 cable or Bluetooth or WIFI. Above all it is so inexpensive and so simple! We will run you through the salient features before listing out the pricing plans:

Salient features of Satellite Direct TV:

  • Allows you access to 3500 (and counting) TV channels from across the globe.
  • It collates literally all the TV channels from 150 countries across the globe and sets it up all on one dashboard. This control panel is yours to enjoy as soon as you sign up. You can search by country, sport, genre, channel name, language, etc and then select which one to start streaming live.
  • There is no hardware or set up box, just start streaming straight away from a device of your choice.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of devices. You can connect on any device of your choice.
  • There are no country wise restrictions. You can connect from wherever you are.
  • Above all they have several friendly and pocket easy subscription plans (see below). You can choose whichever suits you best. You can opt out of any subscription plan at any point.
  • They also have a no questions asked 60 day refund policy. If you are not happy with their service then they offer you a 100% refund. Which other service provider does this? From this you can ascertain how confident and serious they are about their services!
  • For Sports fans they have it all covered. Baseball Network, NFL, World Soccer Games, Basketball, Racing, ESPN New, EuroSport TV, Game Sports TV, Fight network, Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Cycling, Athletics & every other sport that is being aired on TV.
  • Apart from sports they cover everything else – news, entertainment, movies, music, business, local channels, kids, etc.

Satellite Direct TV Subscription Plans


*$14.95 Per MonthSatellite Direct the Best Live Sports TV Streaming Service

*$39.95 Per Year

*$9.95 Per Month

*$19.95 Every 3 Months

*$29.95 Per Year

  • 100% Refund Policy valid for 60 days on purchase of any of the above plans.